• Safety Rules!

    Safety Rules!
    The first thing that should always be addressed is safety before you start using any tool. Do you know how to properly use your tool and do you have the proper safety gear? Safety gear for professionals is usually a given but everyone, even crafters and DIYers, should be concerned with safety. Here we breakdown some safety basics. Basics of power tools: Never carry...
  • What is a HEPA filter vacuum and do I need one?

    What is a HEPA filter vacuum and do I need one?
    Industrial vacuums might seem unnecessary for everyday use but here why a HEPA filter vacuum could be the best choice for your house and family's health. In 2017 MIT research found that air pollution causes 200,000 early deaths and is linked to asthma and allergies. The EPA indicates that air within homes and buildings can be more polluted than outside air. This can be...
  • About TTS Products

    About TTS Products
    Our history spans over 50 years and multiple generations.
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