Brad Nailers v Finish Nailers

If you're doing simple work around the house, you're most likely shopping for either a finish or brad nail gun - but which one is right for you? To the untrained eye, these tools appear to be the same, but in reality, each has a very different purpose.

Brad Nailers

Brad nailers run 18 gauge fine wire nails. These small nails are almost invisible once into wood and usually don't even need carpenters putty to cover their holes. The downside is that these fasteners lack the holding strength for larger, heavier projects, such as large crown molding or baseboards. Brad nailers are nest for delicate and small trim work.

Finish Nailers

Finish Nailers do what they say - they finish the job. They run 15-16 gauge finish nails (slightly bigger than brad nails). these nails have more holding power due to their larger size, but this mean two things: you will be able to see the holes they and they can easily spilt delicate wood.

You'll want both guns if you regularly work with molding and trim but for newbies who want just one gun we recommend starting with the brad nailer. 

We would happy to help you pick the best nailer for your needs.

Team TTS!

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