Set of 12 - 3 Strand Black Orange Polypropylene California Truck Rope 1/2" 50' 3780 lbs Tensile
Set of 12 - 3 Strand Black Orange Polypropylene California Truck Rope 1/2" 50' 3780 lbs Tensile CWC provides California truck rope in mini-coils and bags. Featuring lightweight and portable packaging, the rope is designed for tying down truckloads and...
CWC Portable Mini Coils Steel Strap
Steel Strap - Mini Coils Portable dispenser box for on-the-spot jobs Signode tool compatible Lightweight & easy to use Our mini coils are manufactured from cold rolled steel and effective for applications that call for high mobility and a low...
from $52.00
CWC 3-Strand Polypropylene Rope Black
3-Strand Polypropylene Rope, Black.  Floats. Will not absorb water Good strength and minimal stretch Twice the tensile strength of manila rope Black Product Specifications LENGTH: 600 ft., TENSILE: 2430 lbs, WEIGHT: 16 lbs LENGTH: 600 ft., TENSILE: 1125 lbs, WEIGHT:...
from $33.99
CWC Blue Steel Rope Standard Lay, Teal with Dark Blue Tracer
Super strength and easy handling Excellent UV and abrasion resistance Economic high-performance utility rope Manufactured from high tenacity polyolefin yarns Product Specifications— LENGTH: 600 ft., PUT-UP: Reel, TENSILE: 3800 lbs, WEIGHT: 15 lbs
from $55.00
CWC Solid Braid Nylon Rope, White
FLEXIBLE nylon fibers MAINTAINS firm round shape under stretch RESISTANT to rot, chemicals, abrasions and UV rays
from $22.25
CWC Stranded Polyester Conduit Measuring Pulling Tape
Stranded Polyester Conduit Measuring Pulling Tape (1/4" x 3000' - 400 lb. Tensile)

With TTS Products, you get to choose from a wide range of high quality staple guns that can help you tackle any type of project. Choose from Bea, Duo-Fast, F1B, and Unicatch. Our line of staple gun tools is so popular that we keep expanding it. Each product comes from manufacturers that create each tool in a controlled and monitored environment. This allows them to build tools that offer excellent performance at a remarkably low price.

Staplers And Their Accessories

TTS Products allows you to do all your shopping in one easy place. We not only offer upholstery guns but all of their accessories as well. We offer all size Duo-Fast staplers, corrugated fasteners, and undulated staples to handle all of your needs. With TTS Products, you get a team of professionals who are committed to providing customers with all the tools and accessories you need to get the job done quickly and easily.

At TTS Products, you will find a wide range of professional upholstery staplers and their accessories. You can choose from brand names like Duo-Fast and Senco along with a staples in different sizes and styles. We have all the products you need to tackle an upholstery job at home or professionally. Our high quality products allow you to get excellent performance at an outstanding value.

Experience And Quality

With TTS Products, you can always count on getting quality products at an affordable price. Our experience allows us to provide the very best in nail gun accessories and products to the industrial industry. It is our mission to handle all of your needs with attentive customers service and support. See our line of upholstery staple guns that will allow you to complete your project with no worries.

TTS is committed to providing customers with brand name quality products. All of the manufacturers we offer use a process that is controlled and monitored so that you get superior products every time. Our upholstery staple guns and accessories allow you to perform a smooth quality job at an outstanding value. With TTS Products, you get excellent performance at remarkably process that you can count on.

Everything You Need All In One Place

No matter what type of project you need to tackle, you can find everything you need all in one place. We supply professionals with upholstery staplers, floor care products, nail guns, nails, screws, staples, and adhesives to handle all of your industrial needs. With TTS Products, you can count on finding the right products you need for your project without having to look all over the place.

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