Mytee HP120 Grand Prix™ Automotive Detail Extractor

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Mytee HP120 Grand Prix™ Automotive Detail Extractor

HP120 Grand Prix™ Automotive Detail Extractor

The HP120 Grand Prix™ automotive detail extractor transformed the automotive detailing industry. It became the bestselling and most imitated automotive detail extractor in the world. Mytee’s® HP120 Grand Prix™ automotive detail extractor was the first heated extractor to feature a single power cord. Doesn’t sound like much? Lets go back in time. Before the Grand Prix™ using a pump, vacuum and heater required two power cords. This made it hard to find an appropriate power source. But with the engineering ingenuity at Mytee®, this trailblazer changed all that. Or so the saying goes… the rest is history.

Features include:

Performance. Using our exclusive REAL HEAT™ system. The 1,200-watt in-line heater with maximum 210˚ temperature produces hot water that quickly breaks up grease and dirt. The single 3-stage LA (low amp) motor makes the extractor even more effective. Has 130″ of water lift. 100 CFM. Two 10-gallon capacity tanks. The ideal size for most cars. A 1.25” hose. Easy to maneuver in tight spots. The upholstery tool has a low profile. Perfect for detailing. A high drain valve. For emptying into a standard bucket. A compact design. Fits perfectly into a van, truck or storage area.

The Grand Prix™ also offers:

Durability. The housing is made of tough roto-molded polyethylene material. This material makes the housing resist to rust or denting.

Customer Service. Mytee® always offers a limited lifetime warranty. We have a national network of service centers. Made at our California plant, the Hp100 grand Prix™ undergoes extensive factory testing. This ensures that it meets rigorous quality standards. Mytee® automotive extractors are covered by the strongest warranty in the auto industry. The housings are covered for life. Mytee® detail extractors represent the cutting edge in cleaning technology. Take on any job with confidence utilizing the Grand Prix’s™ combination of power and versatility. Order the HP100 Grand Prix™ today, and see for yourself why this classic sets the standard for all auto detailing extractors.

Water Proof Switches - Waterproof switches add protection against dust and water intrusion.

Locking Casters - Locking casters provide stabilization and prevents any unwanted movement.

Lighted Power Cords - Lighted power cords indicator plug glows when the cord has power.

Cuff-Lynx™ - Ready Cuff-Lynx™ provide an easy connection for vacuum hoses.


  • Body Roto-molded polyethylene
  • Tank 10 gallon
  • Vacuum Single 3 stage LA
  • CFM 100
  • H20 130"
  • Pump Diaphragm PSI 120 GPM 1.3
  • Heater 1200 W - 210 degree maximum Wheels 8"
  • Locking Casters 3"
  • Power cord Single 25' 12/3
  • Amp Draw Cord One: 20
  • Tools 3" stainless steel upholstery tool
  • Hose Package 15' vacuum and solution hose combo
  • Product Weight 85 lbs
  • Shipping Weight 144 lbs
  • Product Dimensions 29" x 18" x 37"
  • Shipping Dimensions 30" x 19" x 46 1/2"
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