Mytee G008 Piglet Filters

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Mytee G008 Piglet Filters

Mytee G008 Piglet Filters

Here’s the perfect compliment to Mytee’s® new Lint Hog stainless steel mesh filter — Piglet Filters.

The Lint Hog™ traps debris before it reaches the extractor’s motor, preventing down time and costly repairs. Nylon Piglet™ Filters, which line the stainless steel filter:

  • Make the Lint Hog™ easier to clean (just remove, turn inside-out, rinse off and reuse).
  • Make the Lint Hog’s™ stainless steel filter even more effective in protecting the extractor’s motor.
  • Protect the stainless steel filter from damaging debris.
  • Are simple to install and replace. Fit all freestanding Lint Hogs™, and on-board Flood Hog™ and Air Hog™ models.

Can also be used in pool filters. So order Piglet™ Filters for extra protection. It’s an offer you can’t refuse!

Package Count: 25

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